Old Fart

I meet a lot of interesting people every day. So I have had a lot of interesting experiences. Some are crazy, others are scary, and some are just funny.  The other day we contacted this old man on the street. He either called us "Bible bumpers" or "Bible humpers". Both of which indicate that he is not interested.   So we start to ask him if he know anyone in the area that could use any help or service. He goes on to tell us about one of his friends who is too indipendent to accept help. As he does so, he starts to fart every step he takes..   Two things factor in:  He is old and can't hear, so he probably thinks they are silent.  And, he is old and can't control his bowels.  But he just continues to talk like nothing is happening, and I am trying SO hard not to  bust up laughing.  Elder Tieken turns to me and starts to smile and I have to turn around at this point because I cant hide it anymore and tears are coming to my eyes.  When he finally leaves, we both took a moment to relieve our laughter, and get back to contacting.  All in a days work as a Missionary in the Canada Winipeg mission.

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