Watch This Guy!

I hate driving in Canada! All these Canadians are too 'brave'! The pedestrans dont follow the same rule we do in America, where, if something is Bigger, Stronger, and Faster than you, you GET OUT THE WAY STUPID! I guess they've never heard that one.

It doesnt help that Elder Tieken uses vague, unidentifiable phrases like, "Watch this guy."

I was driving down the road about 60ks an hour, and it was pitch black and all I could see were the bright headlights of the cars going the opposit way. Then all of the sudden, Elder Tieken sits up straight in his seat and says "Watch this guy". The way he said it, I thought he meant that the car in front of us was about to do something interesting.. So I watched.

Then he said it louder "Watch this guy!" But I WAS watching, and nothing was happening.

"Watch him, watch him!"

"What!?" I finally yell. He wasnt doing anything!


That one I understood. I slammed on the breaks a stopped right as this fat Canadian walked in front of my car, not even flinching or missing a step. I almost killed him! All because Elder Tieken told me to "Watch this guy"...

Turns out they always walk in front of cars... They just assume the driver will stop...


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