Transfer calls come at random... I was told they used to come at night on Tuesdays.. but not anymore. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY'RE GONNA COME!

And it just so happens they came, completely unexpected, on Monday night. If President asks you to put it on speaker phone, you know you are staying where you're at.. if not..say goodbye to your comp.

He didnt ask for speaker phone this time..

Elder Tieken is now a Zone Leader. Good for him. It was surprisingly sad to be split up.

But I like my new comp a LOT.

I'm serving with ELDER ORTON! Who would have thought I'd serve with an Orton. And what do you know? He's just like an Orton! Well.. really similar, in the way that he is CRAZY!

He is THE most popular missionary in the mission. He is know as being one of the most FUN companions ever. And he's a GOOD missionary! (sounds like an ORTON)

He always gets along so good with the members and when he leaves, they always ask about him.

He knows every missionary and he know all the crazy stories about them. And now I do too. A few years ago, one of the sister missionaries tried to cast out a evil spirit from a drunk native by using the priesthood.. what?!

I've never "Liked" one of my companions before. Ive always "Tolerated" them. Who knew it would make such a difference! Im loving my mission right now! Me and Elder Orton are working hard AND having so much fun! I didnt know you could do both!

I'm lovin the Mish.

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