Kings of the Gully.
Rulers of Highland.
Amazing Rap Group.
Best Friends.

We've got 32 songs on 2 albums.
Wherever we go, all eyes are on us.
And now were heading out to conquer the world.

From the West Coast of Washington to the Tundras of Canada.
From the Bell Towers of Notre Dame to the Ruins of Machu Picchu.

All will know our name.

We are the WCG.


  1. this is my favorite post out of all the posts in the world. But do tell, what is WCG?

    long live the gulley.

  2. how is Washington east coast? I guess I had better look up everyones missions.

  3. You complainer. I'm sorry, it just sounded better and I went with it. But I'll change it for you creed.

  4. You are my favorite boys in all of the world. I love you all as if you were my own sons and I am so proud that all of you are choosing to be missionaries. Go forth and be wonderful!