Yesterday and Today

Give or take a few days...

Yesterday we brought him home and today I love him even more

He's getting to big so fast.

Yesterday my dad fixed my iPhone and today I missed you so much

Old forgotten text messages. (as they appear on my phone)
My mom says my tonsils are green!
Michael Tom:
I'm coming

Michael Tom: Still sick?
Me: Yes. Its strep

Michael Tom:
You made me sick:(
Me: You shouldn't have touched me!
Michael Tom:
I had to! I thought you where dead. But its really not that bad.

Me: I had a 104 fever
Michael Tom: Oh crap:(
Michael Tom: Well i haven't broke 100 but i just had the worst chill attack of my life.
Me: If you have any amoxicillin i would take some. and you'll want some ibuprofen.
Michael Tom: No, none of the weak stuff. We're going straight to morphine.
Me: And you may have some crazy fever dreams.
Michael Tom: Yes yes yes. I love them. Did you have um?
Me: yes, one during conference. it was weird. i don't ever really remember but i could hear all of the talks in my sleep and i think i made some of my own doctrine up.
Michael Tom: lol sweet. i hope you wrote it down.
Me: yes, i think i'll start my own religion
Michael Tom: Cool, can i join?
Me: Yes, it will be HDS, hyrule defenders society
Michael Tom: oh...nevermind.
Michael Tom: I want it to be called Coltymhs.
Me: Huh?
Michael Tom: Thoes are my conditions. take them or leave them.
Me: Coltyhms?
Michael Tom: Just go with it.
Me: Ok.

Me: Madison texted me today...
Michael Tom: what did she say?
Me: she said she missed me?
Michael Tom: whats with the "?"
Me: nothing
Michael Tom: what did you say
Me: i miss you
Michael Tom: and... was that it?
Me: she never answered back
Michael Tom: cool cool. So did you just have a huge hug-fest after that?
Me: never heard from her again.
Michael Tom: dang... she got married probably.
Me: yes
Michael Tom: Not even and invite:( we should both text her something filled with anger.
Me: Oooooo. filled.
Michael Tom: or oozing
Me: yes yes! i would also like teaming... or steaming!
Michael Tom: oh man, i'm so excited!

"We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can't live someone else's or think it's more important just because it's more dramatic. What happens matters. Maybe only to us, but it matters."

Yesterday Cory left and today was so boring

Yesterday we talked about heart break and today I feel better

"And you will want so much for them to like you and they just wont. And it will break your heart. And that will make your heart bigger..." -Malcolm in the Middle

Yesterday I saw UP and today I want to see it again


  1. I like this. Nothing really more to say. Life is a good thing.

  2. He is a little heart melter. I like that you wrote out your whole text conversation with Michael Tom. I bet he misses you. Just think of how cool it'll be when you are both back from the mission. Plus I bet you'll pick up some French? Anyway. Come visit us whenever...