Some Days...

Some days I feel like a day at the zoo. I wake up so excited! There are so many possibilities of how the day will turn out. It has so much potential.

Then I get to the lions cage... and they just sit there.

Then In the reptile house all the Snakes are hiding.

And the hippo is just sad.

And I just stand there and watch... willing the day to do something. And at the end of the day the lion still doesn't move the snakes are still hidden and the hippo is almost in tears.
And that's it. You go home defeated.

But it wasn't always like that! When you were a kid, the lions moved! even if it was just a flick of its tail. The snakes were playful! Just it sticking out its tongue was a sign of that! And the hippo... well he was always sad. But you were just happy it was there!

I wish my days could be like that again. Why don't we live them to the fullest like little kids? Its all in perception! And having a brighter perception of things is something I need to work on.

This post was to tell you two things, I am defiantly going to the zoo, and I need to spend less time on the computer and in my house alone! Everyday can be a day at the zoo.

Now I'm going to the carnival.

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