The Rock Pit

We went out to Souris this P-day. They told us we were going to the rock pit! Apparently it is this amazing place where there are all these rare rocks that you get to find and take home!  Not to mention, that because of the rain, there were tons of pits of quicksand out there. They told us we would try to find some.  I was so excited.   And then we got there... and the place fit the name... It was a pit... with rocks in it.  It really was a junk yard. There were broken down cars littering one half of it, and giant piles of rocks filled the other...   For about an hour we dug through piles of rocks.   What am I even going to do with the rocks I found? keep them my whole mission? They aren't even rare!   We were told we could keep 25 pounds of rocks. Who would keep that much junk! Canada is so lame. They dig in the dirt for fun.  What a great P-Day.  The rock pit... 

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