Less Talk, More Arms, More Legs

I have a lot of things to blog about that I haven't made time for. I will get on that.

But today I went out early to go get applications for jobs. I on a whim pulled out the scratched and unlabled CD from the bottom of my dresser drawer. It has been there since I've been home and I didnt know who's or what it was. Just thought it would be fun to find out today.

Well turns out it was this great upbeat indie CD that I have never heard before. I love it. I dont even know who the guy is, but he's great!

I was so happy and excited, so when I went to ask for applications I think I made a good impression.  This really cute girl at Blue Lemon loved me! All because of that CD! That, and the fact that I look really good today. I forgot to get her name though..

The CD was so fun, and it just felt so good out and driving around that I decided to go to AF and look for jobs there too, so I could listen to more of the CD.

Well, that plan was foiled when I got halfway there and realized how low the gas tank was.. but it bought me and extra 3 songs in the car.

Now Im gonna go fill out the application from Blue Lemon so I can go back and get that girls name.

Its just a good day.

UPDATE: It was the new album by Matt Pond PA! The Dark Leaves. I never listed to him, unless I was with my bro. That's why I didn't recognize it. But he is my new favorite.

And I never did see that girl again. I guess I'll just have to get the job If I wanna marry her.

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