Single Saturday

Last week there was this mysterious carnival that came to town. They had rides and Carni games and everything. But nobody knew what it was for. It wasn't advertised, and the one night I went to check it out, it was deserted. Lights on, rides going, music playing... But no one was there.. It was really creepy. I felt like I was in a Goosebumps episode. Then, the next day, it was gone.. Just disapeared like it was never there.. So odd.

Well, turns out it was supposed to be a part of the "Highland Fling". I guess they were trying something new this year. I don't think they got the reception they were looking for.. Unless "Abandoned Carnival horror show" was what they were going for. In that case.. Smashing success!

Regardless, I doubt if they will try it again next year. They probably lost a ton of money.

Luckily, the Highland Fling itself was wonderful. It might just be the nostalgia, but I LOVE the Fling. We got there early enough to catch the end of a magic show. They guy was crazy! He was old and more of comedian than magician. Then we grabbed a blanket and picked a spot as close to the fireworks as we could get. Me, Sam, Kimmie, Michael Tom and his fiance Hailey. Kim was freaking out because it is her last week as 'single'. But she was loving it, trying to convince everyone to dance with her. She kept saying "This is the best day of my life!" and "Single Saturday!" and "I'm so happy right now!" all night long.

Sam asked this lady behind us to take a picture of us. You woulda thought he had asked her to wipe his butt by the way she reacted. I have never seen someone so disgusted to take a picture. He asked her like 3 times before she even responded.. Then she just sighed and stood up, took the camera and took the picture without saying a word. What a buzz kill.. We just tried to take pictures of ourselves the rest of the night.

The Picture the rude lady took. Her boyfriend is in the back.

How do you accidentally make that face when you are in charge of taking the picture?

Kimmie's Last "Single Saturday"
If you can see, Kimmie tried to be in this pic. Didnt work out. Bad Lighting?

Such a ridiculous night. I feel like the Highland Fling always ends up with some punk kids mocking us for being dorks, and then us mocking them mocking us. Too funny! Cracks me up. We are out of control.

Afterwards, everyone came over to my house to watch Clash of the Titans and eat doughnuts. It was a good night.


  1. We hung out on the desk in our backyard and heard your movie, we thought it was Lord of the Rings. Keep it down next time!!