Here we go Again

Do you know these guys?

Well they used to be these guys.

See that guy second from the left? That is my brother Michael. Neon Trees used to play privet shows in my home and record songs in my basement when my brother was part of the band. He and his two friends left the band after a fall out and the remaining members, Chris and Tyler, moved to California and picked up that new bass player and the chick on the drums.

A few month before I left on my mission I heard that they signed a record deal.

About a year into my mission my family told me how popular they were becoming. Then I started hearing their stuff on the radio when we would be in stores and restaurants... Do you know how weird that was? To hear my bros old band all over the place in Canada!? So WEIRD! My worlds were colliding!

Their style has really changed... Personally I think they sold out for a more universal sound. But whatever. I'm not trying to be a hater, I just really like there old stuff better. The stuff they played in my basement. Songs like "phones" "modern romantics" and the Original "1983"

This was one of their bests.