The Soundtrack of my Life

When they make the movie of my life, every one of my love interests will be played by the same young Lesley Lawson look alike and every time I meet her the same Decemberist song will play. And each time she leaves me, I will be broken in new and unimaginable ways. And the cracks in my bones will fill with marrow and will be grow stronger and I will think "I will be ready next time". And she will come and I will love her in some new way, finding reason I had somehow overlooked before. Because my bones are stronger, and I love with my bones. I feel it in my joints and rib cage and shoulder blades. And she will leave, and break me worse then I knew was possible.

I would tell you that she come back for good, but this is the story of my life, and right now the cracks in my bones are filling with marrow and I will be ready when she comes again.


I'm not sure yet how to make it clear to the audience that its not really the same person... I'm sure we'll get it in editing.

But the soundtrack will be amazing.

I listen to a few bands that no one I know listens to. I've shared a few songs here and there, but no one has really caught the magic.The Decemberists, obviously, is not one. (Who doesn't love the Decemberists?)  But the Helio Sequence is. Do you listen to them? You should. Or not. I'll just keep them to myself.

But this song. This song.

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